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Training & teaching

JEMECO Psychology provides training on a large number of topics.

Training topic:
Substance use

In addition to pre-developed workshops, all subjects and workshops can be customised based on need and time frame. Costs are negotiable based on the amount of work offered, the amount of preparation required and depending on travel needs.

Strategies for working with clients who use alcohol and other drugs (AOD)
Assessment and referral of AOD using clients
Understanding the pharmacology of substance use (the way drugs work)
Relapse prevention skills
Working with families dealing with a substance using family member
Working with clients with dual diagnosis (mental illness and substance use)
Harm reduction skills

Training topic:
Mental illness

Introduction to working with mental illness
Working with clients with anxiety
Working with clients with dual diagnosis (mental illness and substance use)

Training topic:
Clinical / counselling skills

Groupwork skills (theory and experiential)
Action planning and project management
Understanding and preventing vicarious trauma and compassion fatigue in workers and organisations
Understanding and dealing with grief and loss
Dealing with difficult clients
Stress management skills
Introduction to counselling skills
Introduction to cognitive behaviour treatment (CBT)
Motivational interviewing
Acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT)
Understanding the process of change and how to motivate change (stages of change model)
Understanding client resistance
Understanding our own learning styles and how this impacts on our client work
Understanding and dealing with stress in the workplace
Dealing with transference and countertransference
Understanding learning and leadership styles and how this impacts on working with clients and colleagues
Developing teams
Understanding organisational culture through storytelling
Understanding the process of change in ourselves and others