Feeling Fatigued? It might be Vicarious Traumatisation!

Health, community and welfare workers are frequently exposed to trauma and stress of differing levels while at work. Listening to, and dealing with the trauma of our clients can, over time, become tiring and even lead to burnout. The impact of this is cumulative and is know as compassion fatigue and vicarious traumatisation (VT).

This one-day workshop will address the personal and professional impact of compassion fatigue, VT and burnout and explore different strategies of self-care.

Learning outcomes

Participants will have the opportunity to:

  • Gain an understanding of the impact of working with trauma
  • Gain an understanding of individual, professional and organisational factors that contribute to VT and burnout
  • Gain an understanding of the physiological, psychological, emotional and cognitive effects of VT and burnout
  • Identify personal strategies of self care.