Brief Interventions when Working with Substance Using Clients

This two-day workshop aims to introduce a variety of strategies when working with clients who use alcohol and other drugs. It will utilise motivational intervention and cognitive behavioural strategies to help clients better understand the psychology of their drug use and ways in which to reduce their level of use. All strategies taught can be used in a variety of settings with clients of differing ‘readiness’ to address their drug use.

Learning objectives

Participants will have the opportunity to:

  • Familiarise them self with the use of drug use diaries with clients
  • Learn about the nature of cravings and utilise strategies to reduce them
  • Consider how to support a client who is considering changing their drug use
  • Learn how to teach clients several relapse prevention strategies
  • Describe the link between thoughts, feelings and relapse
  • Identify common unrealistic thinking patterns
  • Utilise various strategies to counteract negative thinking.