Orientation to the Alcohol and Other Drugs (AOD) Field

This course looks at knowledge, attitudes and skills needed to increase your ability to work with AOD-using clients. It provides an introductory overview of definitions and key concepts necessary to make sense of this often misunderstood field. Topics include drug use policy, historical and current drug trends, models of dependence, pharmacology, treatment approaches, the role of prevention, assessment and referral and crisis management. This course also includes information on services and practical strategies to support workers in the field.

Learning objectives:

Participants can expect to cover the following topics

  • The nature and consequences of substance use
  • A range of current problems associated with drug use in Australia
  • The various models of dependence
  • The relationship between drug use and infectious diseases
  • The main approaches to the treatment and prevention of problems related to substance use
  • The components of assessment and its impact on competent referral practices
  • A general framework for managing a drug crisis.