Introduction to Dual Diagnosis (Mental Health and AOD)

Recent studies have indicated that 1 in 4 people with a mental illness also has a co-occurring drug dependency disorder. With this high rate of “dual diagnosis”, workers dealing with either client group need to be more mindful of the potential complexity of difficulties these clients experience.

This workshop is for workers from various fields who want to increase their knowledge and skills in dealing with clients with both a substance use disorder and mental illness. It is an introductory course and will provide an overview of both substance use and mental disorders. It can be delivered either as a two-day or three-day workshop, with the three-day workshop providing an increased opportunity to practise skills learnt.

Learning objectives

Participants can expect to cover the following topic areas:

  • An explanation of the term dual diagnosis and the complexity the term suggests
  • The link between substance use and psychiatric diagnosis
  • The use of drug and alcohol and mental health assessment techniques
  • The stages in the process of change
  • The current treatment available for clients with dual diagnosis